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This reality series follows couples as they navigate the immigration laws of the United States and try to begin a lasting relationship. The premise of the series depends on a law that allows foreign fiances of American citizens to visit the country for 90 days; if the couple doesn't marry within 90 days, the fiance must return to his or her home country. The series watches the couples as they cope with language barriers and cultural differences in their effort to decide if they really want to be married. The series debuted on the TLC cable network in January 2014.

Thursday 9:00 AM et/pt on TLC
3 Seasons, 37 Episodes
September 11, 2016
Reality, Romance
Cast: Alexei
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90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Full Episode Guide

  • In Part 2 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? The Couples Tell All, the confrontation between Russ and Jorge continues, surprise guests blindside Pedro, and after the Tell All, the shocking conclusion to Nicole and Azan's road to 'I Do.'

  • The couples of 90 Day Fianc

  • Annie gives David an ultimatum; Jorge calls his ex about the daughter she claims is his; Molly hears unexpected news from Luis; Russ and Pao are drifting apart; Chantel confronts Pedro after the attack; Nicole discovers Azan's web of lies.

  • Annie's American dream slips further away. Azan comes clean about why his visa was denied. Molly faces the repercussions of a K1 visa. Pao deals with the worst part of visiting family. Jorge's past haunts Anfisa. Chantel's family pushes Pedro too far.

  • Molly's marriage hits a breaking point. Nicole confronts Azan about the voice recordings. Anfisa feels trapped in her marriage. Juan and Russ face off again. Annie's ready to give up on David. Things get explosive when Pedro's sister arrives.

  • Anfisa wants Jorge to change his ways; Pedro hits the boiling point with Chantel's family; Juan confronts Russ; Molly unleashes her wrath on Luis; and David tries his best to please both Annie and Ashley.

  • Jorge won't change his ways for Anfisa; Russ and Juan go head-to-head; Nicole's parents make a final plea; Chantel's family pushes Pedro to his limit; Luis feels the wrath of Molly; David can't make both Annie and Ashley happy.

  • Is Anfisa ready to trust Jorge? Annie questions her marriage to David. Luis has a chance to step up while Molly is away. Pao is keeping a secret from her family. A lawyer gives Nicole unsettling news. Chantel's family's suspicions of Pedro grow.

  • Nicole awaits the results of Azan's interview; Pedro is forced to spend time with Chantel's family; Russ and Pao go to Colombia; Jorge gets the bitter taste of regret; Luis isn't stepping up as a step-dad; and David's son, Jacob, moves in with the newlyweds.

  • Jorge meets with divorce attorneys; Chantel questions Pedro's motives for sending money home; it's the moment of truth for Nicole and Azan; Molly decides she isn't a quitter; Pao receives bad news from Colombia; and David and Annie struggle to make ends meet.

  • 90 Day Finac� is going live for the first time ever! Following a new episode 90 Day Fianc�, Happily Ever After join host Michelle Collins, as she dishes out the dirt with familiar guests, super fans and never before seen footage. This is 90 Day Live!

  • Chantel and Pedro prepare to walk down the aisle. Russ and Pao are at a crossroads. Danielle and Mohamed finally face-off. Anfisa and Jorge meet up to discuss the future of their relationship.

  • Loren gets a huge surprise; Chantel's relationship with Pedro's family continues to deteriorate; Pao makes a decision that jeopardizes her marriage to Russ; Danielle and Mohamed prepare for court.

  • Chantel & Pedro's situation worsens. Anfisa reveals a shocking secret. Jorge hopes a grand gesture will win Anfisa back. Russ and Pao are at odds once again. Mohamed learns what Danielle has been up to. Danielle fears the worst in court.

  • Alex & Loren struggle with a big decision. Chantel & Pedro reach their breaking point. Danielle realizes a hard truth. Mohamed prepares for the trial. Jorge & Anfisa adjust to life without each other. Russ & Pao both get lucrative offers.

  • Chantel and Pedro's families get off to a rocky start in the Dominican Republic. Jorge & Anfisa rethink their relationship. Loren & Alexei receive disheartening news. Danielle and Mohamed prepare for court. Russ tries to support Pao.

  • Russ and Pao struggle to get back on track. Loren and Alex deliver sad news to his mom. Chantel discovers that Pedro has been keeping secrets. Danielle sees a lawyer while pressure mounts for Mohamed. Jorge is caught between Anfisa and his sister.

  • Anfisa kicks Jorge out; Loren finds out life altering news that devastates Alex; Danielle starts over with her daughters; Mohamed looks for love; Pao's past catches up with her and Russ in Miami; Chantel tests Pedro's patience and trust.

  • Anfisa flips out on Jorge for lying; Mohamed faces Danielle and her family; Pao gets a reality check in Miami while Russ has to make a choice about his marriage; Loren comes clean to Alex; Pedro faces Chantel's family.

  • Pao enjoys her Miami life while Russ struggles in Oklahoma. Danielle tries to move on. Mohamed starts over, but a visitor halts his progress. Jorge reveals a secret to Anfisa. Loren misses NY & her BFF. Chantel & Pedro deal with betraying her family.

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