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Breaking Amish is a reality show on The Learning Channel, that follows four young adults, in their quest to learn about the world. In this case, specifically New York City. The five people are; Kate, Sabrina, Jeremiah, Rebecca and Abe. The series interviews each one of them, to find out why they want to leave the Amish lifestyle. The series explains that, of these five young adults, they represent two types of Amish. One traditional and one Mennonite. The difference being that Mennonites are allowed to have electricity, Amish are not.

When the series first begins, after all five of the people are interviewed, the series follows them to New York City. The are seen drinking, getting tattoos, and just being shocked at the vast differences between their previous simple lifestyles, and the technologically filled world of Manhattan. They are really experiencing falling into a different century than they grew up with.

The Amish groups have a tradition called Rumspringa, where young people who have reached adolescence, leave their community for a short time, to see what the outside world looks like. Then they either return and get baptized in their community, or remain in the outside world.

This series, on the other hand, watches these five people, who have no intention of ever returning to their community. The series follows them as they experience all forms of electricity inventions for the very first times. Elevators, escalators, electric lights, and hundreds of other marvels of modern society, that everyone else takes completely for granted.

Two of the women were interviewed on CNN with Anderson Cooper. One was a Mennonite, the other from the traditional Amish. The more traditional one recollected the time she got temporarily confused, because of a card key in her hotel elevator. All the people experienced joy, embarrassment, and all the other experiences anyone else would feel, when you are in modern society, dressed up in 17th century clothes.

Each one of the people interviewed have their own personal reasons for leaving. Rebecca, for example, admits on camera to not agreeing with a patriarchal way of life. This show was not without some controversy. Information was dug up that one of the 5 people actually had already previously left his community. He had married and then returned. However, the producers stated that they already knew that, and it would be explained later, as part of the show.

Sunday 10:00 PM et/pt on TLC
8 Seasons, 75 Episodes
September 9, 2012
Cast: Jeremiah Raber, Rebecca, Sabrina, Abe Schmucker
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Breaking Amish Full Episode Guide

  • Jeremiah and Ada must decide the future of their donut stand business; Mary learns her fate with the Amish Church; Shelly meets her biological mother; Lowell finds out surprising news about his baby during an ultrasound; Dawn reveals a dark secret.

  • Jeremiah makes a desperate plea for Carmela to return; Dawn and Shelly go full English; Lowell must make a difficult call to his Mennonite parents; Mary takes a risk that could threaten her standing in the Amish community; Sabrina says good-bye.

  • Despite initial success with the donut stand, tensions mount between Jeremiah and Carmela; Lowell decides to go Full English with a makeover; Mary must confront an Amish woman speaking out against her to the Bishop; Sabrina works at the donut stand.

  • Jeremiah faces challenges as he opens his donut stand for the first time; Mary attends church for the first time since returning home; Shelly debates whether she should contact her biological mother; Dawn wonders about going home.

  • Lowell, Shelly, and Dawn rebel against Jeremiah's rigid rules and explore the English world; Mary must find a way to please the Bishop; Sabrina tries to make things right with Jeremiah; Jeremiah's temper creates problems.

  • Jeremiah & Carmela introduce Lowell, Shelly, and Dawn to the English world. Drama unfolds between Shelly & Lowell and threatens to ruin everyone's time. How will Sabrina react to news of her father's death? Will the Amish community welcome Mary back?

  • Season 7 premiere: Mary must decide if she will rejoin the Amish church; Jeremiah and Carmela make a risky decision to save their marriage; Sabrina must prove to Jeremiah that she's changed; Shelly, Lowell and Dawn decide to explore the English world.

  • Mary takes Jeremiah and Carmela to Las Vegas for the honeymoon they never got, but a fight between Abe and Jeremiah jeopardizes the trip; Mary gets the family together for Jeremiah and Carmela's vow renewal; Rebecca and Sabrina come face to face.

  • Mary supports Sabrina at a custody trial for her newborn baby; Carmela leaves Jeremiah after an explosive disagreement; Rebecca takes her GED test and is surprised by Abe's reaction.

  • Storms calm as everyone makes up in Florida; Jeremiah and Carmela see a specialist to determine if they're able to have children; Mary hosts a baby shower for Sabrina; Sabrina goes into labor one month before her due date.

  • Abe and Mary lend a hand to Jeremiah and Carmela around the house with an agreement that they all visit their old stomping grounds of Sarasota, Fla.

  • Sabrina's plan of experiencing a home birth is in danger when medical concerns are uncovered. Also, Jeremiah and Carmela's new homeowner tension starts to take a toll on their marriage.

  • The cast comes back with new goals as well as new problems; Sabrina engages in a custody fight for Oakley while dealing with a pregnancy.

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