Last Call

After finding out his business manager ran off with all of his money, ex-NFL player, Darius Knight, opens up a comedy club in the backroom of his only remaining investment, Baltimore bar, Last Call. The bar regulars are then forced to share their favorite watering hole with a parade of comics while Darius climbs out of debt.

Monday at 9:00 PM on Bounce
1 Season, 7 Episodes
January 7, 2019
Cast: Porscha Coleman, Princess Elmore, Emily Towles
Last Call

Last Call Full Episode Guide

  • Darius double books two feuding comedians who used to be married, while Joy goes to the extreme for a new man.

  • Last Call is hosting a bitter Valentine's Day party for singles, but Darius finds himself in hot water juggling two dates. Arthur hires Drake The Wrapper as entertainment.

  • Cary learns a lesson of humility after entering an amateur comedy contest at the Laff Lounge. Arthur's new woman is a suspected Black Widow.

  • The regulars are forced to rely on their own unique methods of survival, after getting trapped in the bar during a snowstorm.

  • Rachel falls head over heels for a basketball team executive, only to be left with egg on her face. Todd loses his school's pet hamster at the bar just as the health inspector makes a surprise visit.

  • Darius gets selected to be an NFL analyst for a local TV show, but his decision to solicit Joy's help backfires when she's offered his job. Todd gets cyber bullied.

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