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Married at First sight is a show about couples who are set up by licensed professionals based on certain criteria. Each person fills out a very lengthy and thorough questionnaire, and it is reviewed by a panel of professionals who go through these questionnaires and match people based on the answers that they put on these questionnaires. Instead of the typical dating ritual, these couples commit to marriage.

These lucky couples do not get to see what the other looks like until they meet for the first time at the altar. After the wedding and first meeting with their now spouse the couple goes on a honeymoon together and then continues on with their married life. Each couple faces typical fights that would normally occur within the dating phase of a relationship. All of the couples are brought back to the show with all of the professionals to decide if they are going to stay married or get divorced.

Tuesday 9:00 PM et/pt on fyi
8 Seasons, 149 Episodes
July 8, 2014
Cast: Pepper Schwartz, Joseph Cilona, Greg Epstein, Logan Levkoff
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Married at First Sight Full Episode Guide

  • With just four weeks left until decision day, the four couples that married as strangers, try to deepen their connection with their spouse.

  • The couples entertain each other's friends for the first time, and for some this turns out to be quite a stressful situation.

  • The four couples who have married complete strangers, return from their honeymoons and are now faced with huge challenges as they move in with their new spouse.

  • The four couples enjoy their final few days on their honeymoon but as some grow closer, others hit some major bumps in the road with their stranger spouses.

  • Two more couples put their fates in the hands of experts and get married at first sight, however one couple has a shocking revelation.

  • A new season in Philadelphia kicks off with an in-depth exploration of the matchmaking process; when the experts meet to select each couple to marry each other as strangers, tensions flare and a final decision seems impossible

  • After eight weeks of guidance, the experts return to the couples' homes one final time to see for themselves if they're on the road from happily married to happily ever after!

  • The couples reunite in Boston to meet baby Laura and take advantage of the Married At First Sight support system they've created.

  • Pastor Cal surprises some individuals with a visit from family members, but the stress of meeting the potential in-laws may be too much for one couple to handle.

  • With seismic life changing events happening including pregnancy, the birth of a child and buying a new home, the couples must find a way to reinforce their communication and connection, before potential issues create separation that can't be fixed.

  • Pastor Cal leads the couples through spirituality exercises, forcing them to face their darkest fears. While one couple connects instantly on their shared beliefs

  • The three expectant couples are forced to take a deeper look at their marriages as they decide which bad habits they want to banish from their relationships and which positive ones they want to keep. Life takes a sudden, unexpected turn for one couple.

  • The couples turn up the heat during intimacy exercises and while most take their relationship to the next level, Brandin gets a little too friendly with Tyler, causing one couple to go up in flames.

  • Halfway through their time on Honeymoon Island, the guys confess to Jona they are worried that Brandin is leading him on. Kimber and Shannon struggle to see eye to eye on a potential relationship deal breaker.

  • After embarking on a relaxing retreat, the couples continue to focus on their relationships by getting to know each other better and identifying the areas of marriage they need to strengthen.

  • To understand the psychology of relationships, the couples are asked to talk about their pasts. For one person, the stress of this accelerated process leads to a major breakdown.

  • The couples spend time getting to know each other and for some, the instant chemistry deepens, while others struggle to form a connection.

  • Three months after decision day, the couples gather to answer the burning question viewers have been dying to find out - are they still married?

  • Three months after decision day, the couples gather to answer the burning question viewers have been dying to find out

  • The eight-week experiment has come to an end and it's time for the couples to decide if they want to stay married or get a divorce.

  • With only one week until decision day, a romantic getaway turns into a nightmare for two couples, leaving them to decide if their marriage is worth fighting for.

  • With decision day fast approaching, the couples get much-needed advice and guidance from family and friends. The experts surprise the couples with romantic road trips and one couple hits a speed bump along the way.

  • The hosts answer viewer questions about the episode where, with just three weeks remaining until decision day, Dr. Jessica encourages healthy communication by forcing the couples to take a hard look at their own behavior.

  • With just three weeks until decision day, Dr. Jessica encourages healthy communication by forcing the couples to take a hard look at their own behavior.

  • One month ago, three couples were married at first sight. With the experiment at the halfway point, the couples celebrate their first major milestone and look back on their time together so far. Some contemplate whether they made the right decision.

  • Three weeks ago, the couples met for the first time at the altar and exchanged vows. Now that they are living together and have become intimate, things heat up when the couples explore their fantasies in an effort to grow closer.

  • Two and a half weeks ago, three couples took a brave leap of faith and got married at first sight. As the reality of day to day life starts setting in, the newlyweds deal with growing pains in their relationships.

  • In just two weeks, three couples have married as strangers, honeymooned and moved in together. Now that they're settling in, it's the perfect opportunity to spend time with their in-laws and friends. Meanwhile, one couple gets a visit from the experts after admitting to struggling with married life.

  • Reality sets in as the couples who married as strangers less than a week ago, must decide where to live after returning home from their honeymoons. Will they be able to compromise and find a new home that meets all their needs?

  • Couples who married as strangers find themselves testing the marital waters with their spouse.

  • The couples continue to get to know each other after marrying as complete strangers.

  • After marrying as strangers, the newlyweds are alone for the first time on their wedding night. The next morning they find out where they'll be heading on their honeymoons

  • Six singles entrust three relationship experts with the biggest decision of their lives. They will meet their new spouse at the altar, as they vow to legally marry as strangers.

  • The participants reveal to friends and family that they'll be marrying a complete stranger at first sight, and they have only two weeks to prepare for their weddings.

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