In this docuseries, a TV crews follows a group of strippers as they work in various places in Scotland. The show doesn't just ogle the women as they take their clothes off on stage; it allows peeks into their personal lives. The series debuted on Netflix in early 2018.

Best of British Television
1 Season, 3 Episodes
April 1, 2014

Strippers Full Episode Guide

  • Aberdeen is the UK City with the most millionaires per square mile outside of London. Vicky, a stripper since 18, is addicted to the lifestyle; Lilly strips as a way to reach her dream job - A Page 3 girl; travel duo Danni and Xena dance to fund Danni's MA in Art and Xena's love of adventure; and Jodie gave up stripping due to arthritis and now works on her own website for online porn.

  • The 'Pubic Triangle' is a single neon-lit junction in Edinburgh, which is home to three lap-dancing bars: the highest concentration of strip clubs anywhere in the UK. Eighteen-year-old Charley is trying to juggle stripping with studying for a college degree; Vivi is desperately trying to make ends meet; and ambitious Cuban Barbara has earned up to £4000 per night.

  • Glasgow strip-club Diamond Dolls spans three floors and employs over 40 dancers, and is run by house-mother Shelley, who has worked in the business for 20 years. Watch as the dancers learn to juggle love, life and lap dancing, including former gymnast Kim, who gave up her gold medals to lap dance and Laefena, who has come to the UK to earn enough to pay of the debts from her nursing degree.

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