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The Little Couple is a TV show aired on The Learning Channel that showcases the couple Bill Klein and Jennifer Arnold, who both have dwarfism. The couple are newlyweds who are just adjusting to married life together, just like any other couple would. They couple buy a new home together and try to decide if they want to start a family together, even though their are risk associated with them having children together.

The Little Couple has currently aired 5 seasons, and more will likely be aired, as it has become a very popular show on The Learning Channel. The shows mainly focuses on the couple and their new life as a married couple, Bill's new job in Houston, Texas, the building of the couple's custom made home, and the couple trying to expand their family.

The show reels in on how life is for people with dwarfism. Life is different because of certain health risks and problems, so more doctor's appointments are involved i their life. Along with this, the couple don't know if they can or should have children together because of their dwarfism, making their life more complicated than the average couple's.

Besides for these drawbacks, life with dwarfism is pretty similar to the life very body else experiences. The couple go shopping, work, have parties and entertain friends, go to the spa, and attend cooking classes. The Little Couple really helps to show us that people with dwarfism really aren't that different from us. After all, they are people too, they are no different.

Tuesday 10:00 PM et/pt on TLC
13 Seasons, 175 Episodes
May 26, 2009
Cast: Bill Klein, Jennifer Arnold
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The Little Couple Full Episode Guide

  • The Klein family looks back on previous Christmas celebrations in their house.

  • The trip to China continues as the Klein family and all 6 grandparents visit the Forbidden City and take an immersive lesson in Chinese cooking. Then, the family climbs to the top of the Great Wall and reflect on what life could have been without Will.

  • Will and his family learn more about China.

  • The renovations on the Kleins' new house are almost finished. With just last-minute touches to go, the family starts the colossal task of moving upstairs. Then, Bill and Jen make good on their promise and take the kids to get some new pets.

  • Routine surgery on an Alaskan island turns into a rough rodeo.

  • Simon Keys and Siouxsie Gillett as they catch a deadly black mamba, a spitting cobra, and a huge forest cobra.

  • The Klein family settles into life at their new house but they have a lot of decisions to make about renovations. They shop for lighting and plumbing fixtures, and test some paint colors with the kids. Then, it's time for some barbecue and pool fun.

  • The Kleins are at the homestretch of their trip and as their final stop they visit a cavern. Will Zoey and Will resist the temptation to touch everything inside the caves? Then, Bill supervises the move-in, but Jen is forced to take over when she arrives.

  • Three generations of Kleins travel, planning on investigating what the south has to offer.

  • Time is running out and the Kleins still haven't found a new home in Florida! As the move date approaches, they're starting to feel desperate. They need to find a new home, retrofit and sell their Texas house and to add the chaos, Jen's parents visit.

  • The Kleins are back in Florida to go on a second house-hunting trip in hopes of finding a new home. Then, Bill and the kids go to an alligator attraction with Nai-Nai. And later, the family goes on a boat cruise to celebrate Bill and Jen's anniversary!

  • Bill travels to Orlando to showcase his Pop-Up pee pad at a pet industry trade show while Jen teaches her last simulation class at Texas Children's Hospital. Meanwhile, grandmother Judy helps Jen take care of Will and Zoey while Bill is away.

  • Jen accepts a new job in St. Petersburg, Fla., so the family takes a trip to find a new home, but house-hunting isn't easy with a list of specific needs and two curious children. Also: a sweet treat to celebrate Jen's birthday.

  • Will and Zoey experience snow for the first time in Vermont. Meanwhile, Will celebrates his birthday; and Jen and Bill mull a life-altering decision.

  • Christmas is coming and Bill goes all out with the decorations, much to Jen's dismay. Meanwhile, Bill holds a pet adoption, and Will and Zoey decide a new puppy is in order.

  • Bill wants a homemade dinner for his birthday and the team works to prepare the meal; when reading a story, Will shares some startling news that propels the family to talk about what it means to be little.

  • When one of Jen's best friends from school comes to visit for the weekend, its constant and crazy fun as Will and Zoey bond with her children; the family heads out in their toy cars for a memorable Halloween night of trick-or-treating.

  • It's time to have some last-minute fun in DC before the family heads to Delaware for Will and Zoey's yearly check-up with specialists. The entire family relives a tradition that brings both fond memories and tears.

  • The Klines are in Washington to host an adoption gala; they visit Mt. Vernon for some historical fun, then head to the Oval Office; Zoey's 5th cupcake birthday is a huge success until a food fight breaks out.

  • Jen's nephew is getting baptized, and Jen and Bill have been chosen to be godparents; Will and Zoey surprise their uncle with a homemade birthday cake.

  • Its back to everyday life in Houston where Bill and Jen keep busy with the kids' after school activities while balancing their own careers; Uncle Joe visits so that he and Bill can test their special pee pad invention.

  • The Klines are on a kilt quest to memorialize their visit to Scotland; upon arrival in London, Will and Zoey question a royal guard, ride the London Eye, partake in proper British tea and try to recreate the iconic Beatles "Abbey Road'' cover.

  • Bill heads to Houston to help his beloved city recover from Hurricane Harvey. Days later they get an unexpected blow from Hurricane Irma.

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